Sharing of the instructor's Mac to the classroom

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Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to find a way to do this, but maybe my searching and scouring of the internet was done using the wrong criteria.

Do any of you know of a way to have a faculty member share their computer screen with an entire lab of student computers? I know we can use Casper remote to view a lab of computers, but we want to go the other direction. As the lab coordinator said to me, "In a Graphic Design setting, where instructors may need students to copy a particular image, or showcase a color with complete accuracy that can't be matched on the projector, instructors would appreciate that functionality."

Any thoughts? Does JAMF have a built in tool for this on a Mac? Is there a third party tool that we could use, I believe Apple's Remote Desktop could do this too.

Thank you in advance...


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It's been a while since I've used ARD, but I thought it had the ability to share out the screen from the admin to other screens as well. Does it not do this? Or is ARD not really an option here?

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Thanks @mm2270 ARD might be an option for us. We haven't used for a while now. We had at one point setup ARD to do this with preassigned lists. Ever since moving to JAMF Pro, we have used ARD less and less. Thanks for the feedback.

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@mconners It's been so long since I used that feature in ARD I forgot it had it, but ARD probably isn't a tool you want to hand to most classroom instructors. You might want to take a look at LanSchool which is a much more classroom centric tool for allowing an instructor to monitor a lab, or broadcast their machine to an individual or entire class at once.