Show Input Menu on lockscreen in Mavericks

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I don't seem to be able to get the input menu to show up on the lockscreen in Mavericks.

Here's a 10.8 computer
external image link

on Mavericks i get
external image link

Both have showInputMenu in set to TRUE.
It works for the Loginwindow in Mavericks, but not on the Lockscreen.
Is that feature gone?


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I don't have the solution. But I do have a bug logged under Bug ID# 15339885 for the Password Expiration Prompt @ the login window not working under 10.9.

I wonder if some of the login window plist isn't being read in 10.9... Hmm...

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The password expiration prompt missing in Mavericks is impacting us as well as this is the only way users are notified that their password is set to expire. anyone found a way to implement this setting?

Update, I was able to use the script posted by daniel.behan to notify users, works great!

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