Sick and tired of failure of recon, policy and manage commands

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The picture above shows how the recon, policy and manage commands are failing. What do we do if these commands are not taking affect immediately ? Can anyone please help ?


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@khurram You need to do a sudo killall jamf to kill the Jamf processes

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notice how the 'recon' command was not responding and then Ctrl + c was used to abruptly end this command

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@khurram You need to do a sudo killall jamf to kill the Jamf processes

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Policy checks run as per your global checkin settings on the JSS - yours is reporting 300 seconds (so every 5 minutes)

All Settings, Computer Management Management Framework, Check In

if you need to run a policy check instantly, just running jamf policy command is all that is required to check for new and outstanding scheduled policies (the execution is then done a per each of your policy settings - once per computer, once per day, each check-in etc...)
*Not required for Config Profiles as that's APNs, which is near instant (or at least as how fast Apple's network sends out the APNs commands)

I'm not sure why you are running a Jamf manage command as this should really only be used on unmanaged devices or if you have issues with the client, as it forces all the jamf framework to be re-installed from scratch (its will then run through nearly all the commands as if its just been enrolled).

From the jamf man pages: manage = Enforces the entire management framework from the JSS

jamf recon - this does do a jamf policy command as part of its function, but also updates the inventory records at the same time (normally once a day is the default) - depending on your inventory this can take a minute to collate and upload to the JSS
if you clicked every inventory option and also collect user application usages stats the recon command could take upto 15 mins to get all of this.
You won't get any feedback on a recon command until its finished getting the info on inventory settings and what extension attributes are being used from the JSS - then is should start giving feedback on each step of the command

If it really is hanging then its struggling to talk to your JSS use the jamf checkJSSconnection command and may be try the -verbose and -displayJSSTraffic options on a recon to see how much data it being sent back to the JSS

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The jamf binary is single threaded, so you can't tell it to check for policies while its doing something.

I believe this is why there is a 5 minute resumable download time limit, where an unlimited number of resumes are possible if none exceed 5 minutes...if a resume exceeds 5 minutes, the policy exits with a failure...this way jamf binary can go on to the next task.


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Thanks @sdagley I was actually missing the sudo, aarrrghhh, silly me. If you are working as 'root' you don't need to add sudo.

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Glad I found this thread! Thought I would share my experience in case someone else has the same issue and runs across this thread too. I had the same problem with....
"The management framework will be enforced as soon as all policies are done executing"

The "sudo killall jamf" command did not work.

What did work was....

  1. sudo jamf removeframework
  2. Re-enrolling through <jss.address>/enroll

That has re-applied the management framework and set everything back to normal.

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