Simple question: what is the system requirement for Jamf Pro

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Turned out not that easy to find the answer as Jamf Pro System Requirements in the Administrator's Guide doesn't mention minimum/recommended hardware specification at all.

We are running Jamf Pro 10.21.0 on Linux VM.


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@cbd4s See the Installation section of the Jamf Pro Release Notes:

Not that the info there is really complete as it doesn't distinguish between the configuration of the server hosting MySQL and the server hosting the Tomcat JSS app, and those really should be separate servers.

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Yea, but it's not an easy answer. It may depend on the load you're going to throw at them, geographical footprint, expectation, etc. You've got at least, MySQL, a file server, and a web server. And each of those may react differently depending on your environment. In general, you should be looking for recommendations to run those services/servers. If you're hosting, each of these services needs to be evaluated against your need, budget, expertise, and expectation. Since you're talking VM, start by spreading those out to three VMs and start watching load if you're not sure. Are you having issues or just looking for best practices?