Smart Group Lost Mode


Hello everyone,

I am accounting for lost/damaged/stolen devices with some extension attributes assigned to the device in inventory. Whilst I know that it's possible to populate a smart group with extension attribute criteria, does anyone know if it's possible to activate lost mode automatically from the smart group? Or would it have to be a bulk command to send the command to the members of the group?

Many thanks!



Hi! I just tried to sent commands to a smart group, unfortunately lost mode isn't one of the options allowed for that. I get the same set of options with an advanced search. I would also contact Jamf support to see if this is something that could be added to that list of options (or put in a feature request). Have a great day!

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Hello!  We are looking to implement the same idea.  Have a smart group that automatically puts the device into lost mode if it hasn't checked in in so many days.  This seems similar to your post.  Were you able to find a way to automate this?  

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We automate this by having a smart group send a 'added to group' webhook to a server that will then process it and use the Jamf API to turn on Lost Mode for the device.