Smart Group & Network Segment

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We would like to create a Smart Group for computers that has IP addresses within xx.xx.243.1 to xx.xx.255.254. From other posts, we have the condition as IP Address Like xx.xx.243.x. However, this doesn't include all the IP within this DHCP range. How should we create the condition so it captures all IP within xx.xx.243.x to xx.xx.255.254 without creating xx.xx.243.x, xx.xx.244.x,...?

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The Casper Smart Group tool does not have knowledge of IP addresses and how they work - basically treats them like text. So you would need to add each segment as in your comment above.

However, you can use Settings -> Network Organization -> Network Segments and create a segment there. You wouldn't create a Smart Group for those machines, they would be referenced in policy. To offer a policy to that segment only, Set it to All Computers in Scope, and under Limitations, set Network Segment to the one you created earlier. You can also exclude a network segment from a policy.