Software Restriction Message Links Question

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Good afternoon all,

Just a quick question: Has anyone tried to put a mailto link or anything similar into the Software Restriction Message in JSS for users to click?

With the roll out of High Sierra, we are currently going to block the install initially but would like to take information from users that would like to opt in to testing it. When prompted with the Restricted Software message, we'd like to have them be able to click and email our specific email address with specific information.

Does anyone know if links are able to be used in the Restricted Software Message?


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It's not possible to put any kind of clickable links into messages like that. Not with jamf displayMessage, not with jamfHelper, not with Applescript and not with what Restricted Software uses.
Someone a while back put together a very basic application that used an html file embedded within it's app bundle that could contain clickable links, but it was developed a while ago and wasn't very flexible to begin with.
There may be some other open source of 3rd party tool that can do it, but I don't know. Only the dialogs Apple uses can do that as far as I know.

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@zbrooks That'd make an interesting feature request, but it's not currently supported as far as I can tell. You could use the email notification of users that trigger the restriction to send them an email asking for the additional info.

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Dang, that's too bad. Thank you both for a response!