Software Update Configuration Profile Vs. Software Updates POLICY

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Hello all


Software updates are super confusing to me and i hope some of your expertise can help me "See the light"


Right now, and it might be wrong and needs to be changed, we have Policy AND Profile for software updates. 


Profile says to:

Automatically install maOS updates
Automatically check for updates
Automatically download new updates when available
Automatically install system data files and security updates

Restriction is set to Defer updates of (Software updates) for 30 days with Include major software updates 


Policy set to: 

Check every day for Software Updates 
Restart is set to Standard Restart "If required" with 240 min Delay
User interaction is set to Deferral Type of Duration of 2 days. 


Which those settings i am seeing very weird and inconsistent behavior. Like some systems are just updated to the latest allowed. Some others are to the latest, regardless of 30 days Restriction in Profile. Yet some others are stuck in some limbo and refuse to update. 

All and any info, tips, insights and pointers are VERY welcomed!!!