Software Update information issues in JSS 9.96

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We just migrated from JSS 9.92 (on Windows Server 2012 VM) to 9.96. We had done some pre-testing on a clean install of 9.96 with a few test Macs and noted that the Software Update category was not being displayed when looking at a computer's inventory record. We went back to our production server on 9.92 and set up a saved search whose criterium was Number of Available Updates more than 0, in case we needed a workaround for this problem. Because of Sierra compatibility, we chose to go ahead with the upgrade to 9.96 despite the bug. (Note that iOS devices are not in play, just Macs.)

Our experience on a JSS upgraded from 9.92 was different. In the computer inventory record, the Software Updates category was being displayed but was reporting a value of zero for all records. When we went back to our saved search, we confirmed that the JSS was still reporting many non-zero values for Number of Available Updates.

This problem is similar to one mentioned in this thread about 9.93 and may also be related to a tracked bug numbered PI-002946 (as cited in the Mac Admins Slack). I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

I'm guessing I could restore the functionality by writing an Extension Attribute that essentially spits out the results of softwareupdate -l, but I'd rather help debug the problem so that JAMF can find us a solution.


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+1, we shut off our SUS polices until a fix comes out.

Our Smart Groups were not updating for SUS so our clients keep getting hit by our reoccurring policy to install overdue updates and force a reboot.

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@iaml We see this in our environment when I updated to 9.96.I filed a support ticket to JAMF Support and they marked it as PI-002946. I recommend that you get in touch with your TAM as it will aid in hopefully resolving this issue. In the meantime like you said, you can use a Extension Attribute that runs softwareupdate -l but I don't know how neat that will be. Your TAM may have a better method.

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I filed the same thing and got the same response however I was told to run the following:

softwareupdate -l | grep "*" | sed "s/*//g" | sed "s/$/,/g"

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My account manager suggested the same string you mentioned, @pchen_plaid, so I wrapped it up as an Extension Attribute thusly:

SUList=`softwareupdate -l | grep "*" | sed "s/*//g" | sed "s/$/,/g"`
echo "<result>$SUList</result>"

That puts out a nice, comma-separated list. Here's the catcher: once this EA runs, the Software Update category for that user miraculously updates to the correct count. It's not just the fact that it does a full inventory after an upgrade of the JSS to 9.96, it's that it ran this particular EA. Odd, odd, odd, but full workaround in place.

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You're right! after I run recon the SWU count seems to be fixed. That's really odd.

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Further update: after the subsequent check-in, the Software Update count went back to zero. So we are using the EA exclusively at this point.

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@iami You mentioned that your account manager suggested the same string but your string is different. Which would be the correct string?