Software updates for standard user accounts still getting helper prompts.

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Hi so a few apps that auto update are still asking for admin credentials. We have either VPP or Autopkg grabbing the latest version and installing. Even though the user is on the latest version of slack or whatsapp it prompts them with the "new helper tool" popup. Slack has only been a few users. Though yes we allow our users to use whatsapp and spotify. Even though they are on the latest we still get the popup. Any recommendations?


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We have the same problem. We use VPP for Slack and our users are getting the prompt for admin credentials whenever there is a new update. Our users do not have local admin permissions so we end up wasting a lot of time entering credentials to approve these updates over remote access. We were under the impression that deploying/updating apps via VPP would bypass this sort of thing! How can we stop Slack from requesting admin credentials every time it tries to update??

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We ran into the same thing here. What we did was push out a configuration profile to set the auto-update key for Slack (com.tinyspeck.slackmacgap).

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Dialpad does this for our environment as well. Still looking for the "filetopath" where the dialpad version of it lives so I can input a correct key to test it out. 

Note : our users are non-admin standard