Sophos or Symantec encryption to JAMF

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has anyone done a migration from Sophos Safeguard or Symantec encryption to JAMF (filevault).
looking for a best way to go about it, like unencrypt and re-encrypt with JAMF or is there another recommendation? how to get the keys onto JAMF from a 3rd party tool.


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I am also interested on the migration of disk encryption from Sophos to JamF Pro. What I understand about disk encryption on Sophos is it is using the native OSX FileVault disk encryption. Sophos just manage the enabling and keys. And I think JamF is doing the same. Am I correct? Is it just a matter moving the disk encryption management from Sophos to JamF? No need to unencrypt then re-encrypt?


I'm looking into doing something similar but haven't started doing any testing yet. This article might be helpful for you if you have Sophos or Symantec configured to use native FileVault encryption:

If you have their proprietary encryption enabled, you'll most likely need to decrypt and uninstall the 3rd party tool, reboot, then enable FileVault.