Spinning wheel on inventory listings

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Hi all, Since upgrading to 9.93, whenever I run a search or inventory listing, I just see the heading, with number of results in brackets, and a spinning wheel / loading... status.

The page never loads, so I can never see any devices.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Running the JSS on a dedicated Ubuntu 14.04.1
No CPU load evident.e03b382ed6c1440b941830061111c649


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I've also noticed that many of the other functions don't respond.
e.g. opening a new search, the CRITERIA and DISPLAY tabs don't respond to click, but all the content from all tabs is listed on the page below.

Most of the content won't respond to clicking.

Self Service appears to be working normally though.

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Reverted back to 9.92 with yesterdays database backup, and everything is working.

Something to do with the upgrade broke things, but couldn't see any errors in the upgrade logs from yesteday.

I'll stick with 9.92 for now.