Spinning Wheel when access Config Profiles (Exclusions)

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When accessing Computer Configuration Profiles to Exclude a device (exclusions) I get a spinning wheel and it is stuck there. I can get out of it but while you are in the exclusion field the wheel continues to spin. I have noticed the when the device count scoped to the profile is > 500 the freezing occurs for a lower count there is normally no issue. Issue started after upgrading to 10.20.1, not right away thro. Any insight to a resolution would be great. Database Cleanup, Maintenance?
Version: Jamf Pro 10.20.1 On Premise


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Are you putting devices directly into the exclusion section? Is there no way you could put these into a smart group or static group instead and then add the smart of static group to the exclusion list instead of the actual devices. This might be a better way of doing things if your device list is becoming super long.


We have a cloud instance (10.23.0) and this behavior started for us about a month ago or so. It has progressively gotten worse. It is effecting laptops and iPads. I am now only able to get results back on searches that are limited to fewer then 400(ish) devices and cannot send commands to anything greater than the "good" search results. We were told that the "next" update will resolve this issue. Our service contact has, so far, not given me any useful direction. I was told that if I want to send commends to a large number of devices I should devise a way to limit the numbers to fewer than 500 and send out multiple commands.
I am almost done venting (sorry). I am bumping this to see if anyone has any useful input. I can giver more detail if needed.
Apps won't load (some take 48 hours to drop). Self Service disconnects on iPads and requires a wipe/reset then we have to wait for Self Service to repopulate (see previous sentence). We are a K-12 with 25% remote learners presently.

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Has there been a solution found for this? We are experiencing a similar problem as of last week where certain lists will not display (lists of configuration profiles, device information, policy scopes). This is even when policies are scoped to groups and not individual devices, so far less than 500 listed. We are running 10.24.2 on-premise.

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If I had to guess (and I am guessing here) it sounds like a Jamf Database issue. If you have cleared your browser cache and it's still doing it, then I doubt its the Jamf interface itself. We had an issue recently where smart computer groups would list machines no problem but the same search using advanced computer search would return nothing. Escalated it to Jamf support and after a week of troublshooting it turned out to be a stale computer record in the Jamf database causing the search to die and return no machine records. Once it was deleted, everything started working again.