SplashBuddy keeps launching even after computer is configured

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I have one user in which his computer keeps launching splash buddy at random times. This blocks him from doing work and he even loses some work at times because there is no way to exit the splash buddy screen. It keeps getting stuck at the Enable File vault policy, which is already enabled, and it does not let the user close the screen or do anything on his computer, which forces him to reboot. I've disabled all policies related to splash buddy in jamf (we were considering getting rid of it anyway) but it still launches on his machine every other day or so. I've also creating a policy that kills the SplashBudddy.app process (i guessed the name, not sure if this is actually correct but it does not seem to work) is there anything else I can try?


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Quit SplashBuddy and set .SplashBuddyDone by using Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Q

reference:SplashBuddy Wiki