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Hello everyone, I am Sean Harper and will be the presenter of this session. I am just trying to get a feel for any related topics that people may be looking for more information on during this presentation. Knowing these areas of interest will help to assist me in covering information (if possible) before the Q&A time.

Let me know, otherwise see you all there!


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Is there a way to separate Admin resources and non-admin resources in Self Service?

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Hello @lucid772! Thanks for the great preso yesterday Sean. Keeping an eye out over the next week or so for your AD script but after the preso I discussed with you your process for getting Sketchup Make into Self Service. When you get a chance can you share here or LMK your preferred method of contact.

Thanks, Tom



You can not make a single policy and allow it to be login secure and not. You should make separate policies for the admin only items you want to see in self service on an admin login. This is done by scoping these to use self service, but scoping them to only be available for the users you feel need the access (so, the admin's in your question).

I hope this clears up the confusion, but if not please let me know here and I will respond ASAP.

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@anamosa what we do is scope it to the VPN security group in AD that the IT Admins use. We use the VPN group because its a group that only we have access too. You could scope it to Domain Admins or another security group. Another thing we do is to make sure they are ongoing policies so we could run it on every machine we want to.