Supervised iPad in Single-App Mode loose Wi-Fi and are locked

New Contributor

We enrolled all of our Room Devices into JAMF and now push a room booking software as our single-app mode setting for all our Supervised iPads. These settings include disabling pretty much everything except touch (for booking walk ups). We recently discovered that if an iPad looses connection to wifi, it will keep the profile and the lock down, thus making it impossible to reset the wifi connection.

I checked this post where they recommended tethering to macbook to restore, and that for sure is a solution for some, but ours are mounted to the walls with security allen keys and its a 5 min process to unscrew and dismount these suckers.

My question to the masses, is there a provision we can work into the profiles that in the case of internet loss suspend some or all of the lockdown until its restored? I know this does not work for public spaces, but in a private institution this would be so much easier to quickly walk up check the wifi and it kick back on.