SW Update server not "setting"

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When I image a new machine, there are a few items that aren't being applied
during Imaging/First Run - one of which is my SWU server isn't being set.

We're running a policy that sets the SW Update server through ANY trigger
and ONGOING frequency. The scope is limited to certain departments and
works for the most part ­ just not all the time. We've found that the SWU
settings usually take effect eventually, but don't always take on the first
few reboots following an imaging. The base image is 10.6.6. Any ideas?


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Have you considered using MCX for this instead? This setting is in Managed
On 6/27/11 12:16 PM, "Dave Simon" <dave_simon at prn.com> wrote:
Preferences Templates in the JSS.

Technically, a policy is just as easy as an MCX setting but since this is
a setting that doesn't get changed very often then no need to be
continually applying it.


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I believe the following .plist must exist before 'Software Update ­ set
server' will work in a given policy:

A newly imaged computer may not contain the .plist until 'Software Update'
is ran for the first time.

Because of this, we use a .dmg package to install a configured
com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist at imaging time.

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Someone else mentioned before that you need to tick "set server system wide"