Symantec Client macOS 10.12 Released: Supported with 12.1.6 MP6



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Did anyone else have a situation where the upgrade to Sierra moved Symantec to an unsupported app, and then when you try to install the new version, it says you must uninstall the old one first?

I had to run the .app uninstaller that came with it (PKG didn't appear to work fully), reboot, then install the new one, then reboot.

I'm trying to avoid this menagerie of installers, uninstallers, and reboots.

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Can you simply run the uninstaller and then reinstall without rebooting? I think you only need to reboot so SEP can unload some components that are probably not even loading anyway since it's unsupported.

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@alexjdale it seems to force a reboot when you run the .app.
When I ran the .pkg version of the uninstaller and did not reboot, the new installer still complained about needing to run the uninstall routine. :D

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What happens if you update Symantec and then update to Sierra? Will the update work on older macOS versions?

Doesn't help folks that have already updated to Sierra...

We require a number of updates before making the latest OS available in Self Service (yea, smart groups!)

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We never did work out a good way to do this.
We just force uninstalled the old one prior to the OS upgrade, updated to Sierra, then kicked off the new install.