Sync Passwords With Outlook?

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Hi All,

Slight niggle we have had since I started here, all out users when get created get a 365 account created, we have 60 day expiry on passwords, so when prompted if they change it for the mac then they end up coming up as it doesn't change with 365 and they constantly get asked for the password, which doesn't go through? So guess there 365 passwords expire at the same time but doesn't sync the new password when changed at the login screen.

Anyone else have this problem? Know a work around?



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@betty02 Do you use AD?

If so, your AD should be connected to O365 via Active Directory Federation Services then things should sync.

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We do indeed! That's how it was in the past, and Nadine says it's still all connected and configured but isn't actually syncing across?

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In our environment, we use PCNS to capture password changes that are then forwarded to O365 by Forefront Identity Manager since we couldn't use ADFS at setup time.

PCNS appears to capture PW changes at Login Window or within System Preferences. Not sure if it's something that can be use in conjunction with ADFS or not, but has served us fairly well over the years.