Thanks Adobe

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Hi all,

We've been rolling out Creative Cloud updates using the packager to our Macs and Windows machines with incredible speed and reliability for some time now. The packager works brilliantly these days - hardly see anything on here these days about it.

I remember a while back, when the packager was a bit problematic that we (myself included) smashed Adobe with feedback, and I can't help but wonder if they receive positive feedback or a simple thanks when things are running well.

We all appreciate being appreciated, even when we are just doing our jobs.

Am I getting soft in my old age? How do we even do this? Twitter?

Just a thought.




Someone thanking Adobe for the update packager?

Let me go look out my window. I've never seen pigs flying before. ;)

P.S. We've had the same results, the new packager is working great!

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I'm so jaded i was certain the title was sarcastic....
but I have to admit adobe installations have gotten better.

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They have definitely improved their CC app installers which are pretty fast compared to the previous technology they used. They are also taking feedback from the community and incorporating it into new features with their installers and the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Sure, there's still a lot of room for improvement, but the wheels are churning.

If you deal with CC and have feedback, karl.gibson on Slack is your man!

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OK, I guess I have to jump on this bandwagon too. I've not had to fight with an Adobe installer in months.

Thanks, Adobe! (Keep it up!)

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Like @kstrick I opened the thread expecting the headline to be sarcastic. I've been very happy with Packager lately. I'm a little annoyed with the need to use Acrobat Customization Wizard to change the default settings with Adobe Reader (no, our users don't want to log into Creative Cloud, they think they need to register it and it causes a support call).

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Posting here for help because this is a happy thread...

Created an installer for Photoshop elements v15 and if i doubleclick the installer it works fine.
Adding it to the JSS via the Admin program says it is zipping the file then i end up with "" in my JSS.

Am i missing a critical step here?

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@PeterG if the package isn't a flat package then Casper automatically zips the package when you upload it to Casper through Casper Admin. This is normal behavior. It will get unzipped before Casper installs it when you deploy with Casper.