This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases.

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Hey Jamf Nation family,

i´ve got a problem with our managed Apple IDs.

This week we created Users in Apple School Manager and imported them into Jamf.
After this we purchased a VPP App "Evernote" in Apple School Manager and assigned it to my test users under Jamf Pro => Users => VPP Assignments.
So far so good.
On my iMac i logged into App Store with my test account and i can see the App "Evernote" under "Purchased".
When i click "Install" i only get the message "This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases."
I also can´t install any apps, i get the message above everytime.

Can someone help us please?



Managed Apple IDs cannot be used to download apps, you'll need to assign the app using Device-Based assignment.

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Extending on ejculpeppers answer, Managed Apple IDs cannot be used for any commercial transaction. This means IAPs, storage, or service purchases as well as app purchases are out. Apps can be issued via Device Based Assignment abd Apple has raised iCloud storage limits to deal with the inability to purchase more. IAPs currently do not have a workaround, you'll need to contact the app maker for alternatives. Many do offer a full feature version of the app to deal with this situation.

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I fell into the same trap some time ago, and I have to admit I was very surprised. To me it appeared logical that a managed Apple ID is just perfect for assigning the licenses bought via VPP. After all the user does not make a real purchase, he is just installing the app for which I have purchased a license and assigned to him. But Apple applies another logic. But if I understood correctly the behaviour is different on the iOS side.

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The iOS side is the same - device assigned apps only. However you can 'purchase' eBook licenses and apply them to the User, MIDs can own eBook licenses.

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Hi All,

How to solve this error issue?

All ipad now automatically download vpp app . But error pop up once key in the apple id create by apple school manager.
Student need this account to sign in and use itunes U .

Any steps to skip this error?

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@cdenesha, I attempted to do this with eBooks, but I still get the "this Apple ID can't be used to make purchases" when attempting to "Get" an ebook that I:
1. "purchased" through ASM
2. Scoped via Volume Assignments
3 Scoped via eBook catalog

Any solutions?

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@robert.petitto I'm not sure.. I don't do step 3 as I don't have them listed in Self Service. Since they are assigned to the Managed Apple ID from step 2 VPP Assignments the books show up in the user's iBooks Library. Are the students definitely signed in to both iCloud and the iTunes store with their MAID?

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@robert.petitto in case you haven't figured this out yet, I finally got it working today. First you need to send a volume purchase Invitation to your users which is under Users->Invitations. That has an option to automatically select invitation for Managed Apple IDs. Next scope thru Volume Assignments as you indicated you did in your step 2. If everything is setup correctly the book shows up almost immediately in the User's library. I also tried first scoping thru the eBook catalog but that won't work, so I removed my users from that scope before adding them to the scope of the Volume Assignment.