Transferring VPP from Airwatch to Jamf

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We are currently trying to figure out how to phase the migration from Airwatch to Jamf. The biggest hurdle we think is the VPP token that needs to move from Airwatch to Jamf.

However, In the new Apple Business portal, organizations can create additional locations under the root account. Licenses from VPP purchases can be transferred from one location to the other.

Does anyone have any experience on if this would work.

1) Create a new sub-location (eg. Temp) under the "Root" location
2) Transfer all VPP licenses from Root to Temp
3) Remove the Root VPP token from Airwatch and assign the Temp VPP token to Airwatch
4) Assign the Root VPP token to Jamf
5) Complete the migrations/enrolments from Airwatch to Jamf (Transfer paid VPP licenses back to Root as needed)
6) Delete the Temp sublocation.

Im worried that when we do step 3, that all the VPP software on the Airwatch Macs will be uninstalled.


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So as far as I remember from my consultation with our AirWatch Support the VPP apps would not remove themselves for 30 days in IOS. I am not sure how that will effect Mac OS. Here is something you might try as a work around..
1. Use the App Store extract script from GitHub
2. Create install packages of all the software you have deployed via VPP
3. Deploy them to the new JSS added machines via Smart Groups
4. Make sure your smart groups and policies are set such that they re-install the applications that would be removed at night using the JSS maintenance window.