Trying to create URL that takes user to System Preferences > Software Update

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I'm trying to set up Nudge which is a program that pings users to update their computer. I have everything in the JSON file setup, but I can't seem to find a way to create a URL for the button "Update Now" to take them to software update. The default uses "munki://updates" and the instructions take you to Jamf Self Service for macOS URL Schemes which seems to only take the user to Self Service? Would you have to make the button point to Self Service and create a link in Self Service that takes the user to Software Preferences? 

Forgive me if this is simple, I'm new to Jamf (and IT) and Google doesn't seem to have an answer. 




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Maybe something like this would work:


I believe that should open the SoftwareUpdate.prefpane in the System Preferences app.


Hi @edelfert, here is a good article regarding Making Links Launch Mac Apps & Preferences (And a Script to List URL-Callable PrefPanes & Their Addresses)

You can create a hyperlink to on a web page or in an e-mail like this:

<a href="">Click to be taken to Software Update on Your Mac</a>.


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The default is supposed to be blank, according to the wiki. For my instance, I left all of the elements blank and used the stock Simple Mode UI. Clicking on the update button would bring up the Software Updates window. It is worth noting I did this with a Configuration Profile, not a JSON schema.

Might be worth a shot leaving actionButtonPath unconfigured in your schema.

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When we run this command, it pops open the update page.  

open ""

 BUT I would like to get into the More Info Page.  How do we get it to pop up that window??

 Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 4.04.12 PM.png

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@swapple It would be nice if we could direct users to that sheet in Software Update, but I sincerely doubt that's going to be possible to do in a scripted/automated way.

You can thank Apple for making it so things like available updates are now basically hidden behind a link, instead of keeping it simple like it used to be in older versions of Software Update. Each time Apple touches the software update process, they manage to screw it up even more than the last time. It's already at the point of being nearly unusable as it is.

Apparently someone at Apple is convinced that complete and utter morons use their computers and they must dumb things down lest they confuse the poor befuddled simpletons with something like a simple list of available updates for their computer. 🙄

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Is it possible to force Software Update to open a specific AppStore link?
For example, I want Software Update to open Monterey app installer link instead of showing the latest available


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i was able to find the correct URIs for several versions of MacOS


macOS Catalina
open ""

macOS Ventura
open ""

macOS Big Sur
open ""

macOS Monterey
open ""


i was able to find these based on what i read here

hope this helps

Here is a an easy one line unix command string that can be used in a Files and Processes option in the Execute Command field to show a reminder to do system updates. 
/usr/bin/osascript -e 'display dialog "University Regulation 08.0.14 requires all computer OS updates to be installed. Please install the waiting updates now to remain secure." with title "SECURITY UPDATES REQUIRED!!" with icon stop giving up after 60' && /usr/bin/open
Scope this policy to a Smart Group with Criteria of “Number of Available Updates Is More Than 0” and set the frequency to Daily (or less).  This will put up a dialog that is always on top and open software updates for macOS 13 + automatically searching for new updates on OK.  The dialog will dismiss with OK in 60 seconds opening the software update System Setting by default.
I have a collection with a criteria of say "Has MacOS Version ≤ 13.3.1".  I would scope the new Policy to those Macbooks.  No need for a 3rd party app like Nudge.


thanks I was looking to open the prefs pane ASU directly.