Turn on iOS iCloud Backups with JSS?

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Is it possible to turn on iOS iCloud backups with the JSS?

Currently most users have the iOS backup feature disabled.

I've set the config profile to allow the devices to use iCloud backups, but I'm hoping there is a way to turn the iCloud backup feature on using the JSS so users do not have to do it manually.


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It doesn't look like a stock feature of the JSS, which makes sense considering you're working with Apple ID's. I'm not deep into iOS management, but I don't even think there's a way to make the device join an iCloud account.

Failing these options, your best bet is educating your users.

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Each of the iPhones is already joined to a distinct iCloud account.

I am just hoping I can turn on the iCloud backups setting from the JSS without having to have users flip the switch manually.

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@Mr.Einstein Keep in mind that what Jamf Pro can configure in iOS preferences is pretty much limited to what Apple allows access to via a Configuration Profile. I do not believe there are currently any iCloud related settings in that list (based on Apple's Profile Manger Help Payload settings reference page).