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New JAMF admin that is also new to the MacOS platform (don't ask how I was chosen for this role) so I'm looking for more hand-holding than your average poster here.

We are trying to set up our UniFLOW printers through JAMF to give our users the ability to print from their MacBooks.

We have 4 queues BW duplex, BW single sided, Color duplex, Color single sided. We would like to make BW duplex the default. We are using Nomad to sync AD and the keychain on our bound computers.

I found a few different discussions around UniFLOW and understand it's not a preferred solution but it's what we have and I need assistance, step-by-step, with how to set up the Policy and scripts to make this work. I'm sure once I have more experience with the MacOS platform as well as more experience with JAMF, I'd be able to take the various bits of information I've found and put together something that makes sense. As it is, I am as confused as a fart in a fan factory.

Does anyone have a procedure document they may have created or found that I can use to gain a better understanding of what I need to do?


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Hello, there are many discussions here on how to create and distribute printers so I am sure there are other (better?) ways than mine
Also I would first take a look at the Administrator's guide
The first thing is to make sure your test client where you create/add the printers is enrolled in your JSS otherwise you can't add the printers with Jamf Admin app (at least this is what happens with JSS 10.13.1 here)
Taking for granted that the print server is already running fine, I simply create each printer using its assigned IP address with the test computer, choosing/assigning the right PPD if it doesn't automatically autodetect the printer model in printer setup
Then I add the printer in the JSS with Jamf Admin
Once the printer is visibile in the list of available printers (Settings/Computer Management), I only replace the "Device URI Device URI of the printer" field with the address of the print server (lpd://NameOfPrintServer/NameOftheCue) instead of the IP address

Hope it helps

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We use this with canons and it is like any other printer : address and queue name. The more important thing is, are your workstations bound to a directory, because this is how the identity part usually works. For our unbound / shared workstations we have to map directly to the closest printer.


@Scott_Newton Did you get this to work? I'm in the same boat now and am looking for some direction. We've got the server set on the Windows side. Do i still have to make a printer in JAMF for every Canon printer thats on the server? Or is access/pointing to the print server enough? Thanks in advance