Update NBI with latest Casper Imaging application script

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@athompson thank you for that script you uploaded. Does it work with NBI's created with AutocasperNBI? The reason I ask is due to when I manually update them, I have to rename Netboot.dmg to Netboot.sparseimage, but I didn't see those commands in your script (didn't look very hard though).


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The script reads the file names from the Info.plist associated with each NBI. So it is not looking for a specific file type or extension. So I see no reason it would't work in your situation.

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The netboot.dmg is what it should be looking for, but when I dbl click the DMG to copy the new C.Imaging.app, an error pops up that the DMG is Read Only. So I rename to a .sparseimage, copy the file, then rename back to .dmg.

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Oh, what script? :)

FWIW, OSX server reads the NBImageInfo.plist.. So if updated it should work with .dmg or .sparseimage.

NetSUS does not see .sparseimage or read the NBImageInfo.plist.

BSDPy (I think) reads the NBImageInfo.plist (@Bruienne will correct me).