Updating Adobe CC apps

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Hi all

I'm trying to decide the best route with updating our Adobe suit applications, We are issued packages by a different company so we don't have access to the enterprise packager (and we don't use named CC accounts).

Our users do not have admin rights so they can't initiate any updates from within the app, from what I have read - Adobe Remote Manager seems like the best option although it seems that the client also needs to be embedded during the creation of the package via the enterprise packager - which would be a long process for us. I may be missing something really simple here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, if you're in the same boat.




The best thing to do is ask the people packaging the apps to download the RUM tool and send it to you and you can install that via JAMF Pro then you can create a policy that runs the RemoteUpdateManager command to check and update the apps

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Only warning on RUM is that it can be a massive network hog. I was doing 34 computers in a lab during a break and bogged down the entirety of our campus network. We have since spun up an Adobe Software Update Server and all of the lab machines point to there which then limits the traffic to our intranet and thereby doesn't cause any issues.
Here are the directions about that.