Use the JSS as an LDAP proxy - Building/Department always blank?

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Our AD-LDAP server is on the corporate lan, and our users are on the public internet because 'corpnet' is old and slow. I need to execute tasks based on specific LDAP attributes checked by client side scripts that use the jamfPro API. However, this seems limited to most of the fields mapped in the JamfPro's LDAP server section.

How can I get the values for Building and Department to return? they are always blank even when mapped to a known good AD LDAP attribute.

ldap jamf API query:

curl -k -u minion -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Content-Type: text/xml" https://${server}.${domain}.com:8443/JSSResource/ldapservers/id/1/user/${user} | xmllint --xpath "//ldap_user[uid[text()='${user}']]/." - | xmllint --format -

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Buildings and Departments must be predefined under "Network Organization" for them to show up when mapped to an LDAP attribute.