Users unable to delete user created shortcuts on home screen on ipads

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Hello, My users create shortcut icons on their home screen on the ipads from safari and then need to delete them and are unable to. This restriction seems to be enable as default as other configuration profiles restrictions on different scope are set to allow apps to be deleted and they also can not delete them. Is there a way to look at the global settings that seem to be locking down the configuration profiles?
And/Or how do we check/change the ipads as supervised versus unsupervised?
Thanks, TMAC


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Similar issue! Under new lockdown circumstances, we now got some iPads we loan out for home tuition (they come back, they get reallocated, etc. - so they are not single-user devices). Restrictions set so that apps cannot be installed or removed, however it appears you can add shortcuts to the home screen and then no one can get rid of them! Any ideas out there?

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Did either of you find a solution for this? We are in the same situation using JAMF School.

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This is a serious issue that needs a solution. Some of our students like to create shortcuts with very inappropriate names.

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Any solutions for this. Ran into this issue with students creating inappropriate shortcuts and I cant delete them on their device.