VenturaOS - Re-apply PPC permissions for Crowdstrike + Netskope

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Recently it's been discovered that once you upgrade to VenturaOS you have to re-apply full disk access permissions for Crowdstrike Falcon and Netskope security applications in system preferences even if they were enabled before the update. Would the only way to be to:

1) Create a VenturaOS computer smart group

2) Create a new policy/config profile to apply PPC settings for Netskope / CS

3) Scope the new policy/config profile to the new smart group to apply once users update.


Also, does anyone know a way to verify if the PPC went through once pushed from Jamf? Currently we're using Configuration profiles to enable PPC but not getting great results and hard to find where it fails since they don't provide logs like policies. 


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If I was trying to validate the presence of a PPPC policy you could check to see if the plist is present in the /Library/Managed Preferences directory via an extension attribute. Short of that; i'm not entirely certain unless there is a CLI command I don't know about that checks for it being in effect. 

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@robertoa That workaround should not required for MDM deployed Configuration profiles