VPP Accounts Disappearing

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Hey All,

I'm having some issues with Jamf where the VPP Accounts disappear. I've noticed that when this happens, most apps won't update their VPP status on the Mobile Device Apps panel.

I tried making a new VPP account and uploading the same .vpptoken used for the other account, and when I successfully add the new account, the old one turns up on the VPP Account Page. However this is short lived as the next day, the accounts disappear again.

I've attached an image to explain what I mean. The JSS version we're using is: JSS 9.99.0-t1494340586 .a7cb33e273174c2facf53731a4dbf185



What version of Tomcat and MySQL are you running on your JSS?

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Whoa. If this happened with us, all of our mobile devices would lose all their apps, and therefore also their data.

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Also what platform are you running on ?
( MacOS / Windows / Linux (which?) / Cloud ) ?

I agree with rquigley - most likely a TomCat / MySQL related issue…


I've had this issue and received confirmation from CompNow that this is a bug in 9.98 with no ETA for resolution. The fix is to insert another token and then the old token comes back.

"Jamf Pro 9.98 currently has a bug where the VPP token will disappear. The functionality of the token is also slightly reduced in this state, devices keep their assignment but new assignments aren't possible."