VPP purchased apps take forever to show up for assignment.

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When I first tied in our VPP to our Casper server, currently purchased apps showed up immediately (as they should, so I know our account info is correct for the link) and newly purchased applications showed up within 15 minutes or so. Now if I purchase an app in VPP it takes DAYS before it shows up in our Casper server for assignment. I have already Submitted a ticket to our account rep but wanted to see if the community has seen this or not. I am either not finding any previous submissions, or I am not searching for the right terms.

Thanks for any input.

[EDIT] With some more googling, found a suggestion to restart tomcat, that didn't help.


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Hi @RandyCooke ,

The behavior you’re describing sounds like it falls in line with D-007627, which we just opened up yesterday; at the moment, it looks as though what’s happening is that Apple is not returning the newly purchased licenses even though the JSS is passing the proper ModifiedToken during the process. Our development team is currently looking into it further to try and determine whether the issue is, in fact, on Apple’s side of things or whether it’s something that the JSS is failing to do.
The long and short of it is that, somewhere between Apple and the JSS, the communication is breaking down in regards to newly purchased licenses, and it's taking a significantly longer time than we'd ever expect to see for that to sync up again.

We do have workaround steps listed however, the workaround involves making some changes directly to the database in MySQL so they’re not instructions we’d want to post here as if done incorrectly or unnecessarily, it can cause problems; essentially, the workaround will force the JSS to do a full re-pull the next time our background monitor runs its checks.

I’ve left notes on this on the case that you opened up with your Technical Account Manager, and he will be able to go over what needs to be done if he determines that you’re seeing the same behavior as D-007627.

If anyone else who reads this is experiencing this behavior, please contact your Technical Account Manager either by giving them a call, by e-mailing support@jamfsoftware.com (it will get routed directly to their case queue), or by using the My Support section of JAMF Nation.


Amanda Wulff
JAMF Software Support

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Thank You Amanda!!! I will investigate further with our Account Manager.

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Has there been a resolution to this problem. I am experiencing the same thing. Also when adding vpp codes manually, apps are being assigned to devices, but it doesn't update in the Apps section. There will be one or two assignments of the devices but that's it. I am currently using one apple id and no user accounts to associate the iPads.
Any ideas?

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I was guided through some steps that essentially forced the MySQL DB to fetch data and then had to restart it and the Tomcat services. I believe 9.5.1 or 9.5.2 has resolved this issue. See the release notes for them, there is mention of VPP fixes.

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I'm on 9.51 and once the student accepts the invitation, the pre-assigned apps show up right away.