We need to talk about the Jamf macOS apps ...

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I'm hoping the team that works on the macOS apps for jamf (admin, composer, etc) are on these forums

Why is it, that a company that focuses solely on the Apple ecosystem, produce by far the worst looking / performing outdated apps that are installed on my Mac?

Issues include:
- Components that don't appear to be native AppKit
- Woefully outdated tech (recently tried running something like Jamf Remote on a retina display?)
- No dark mode support
- Poor UX. Things like categories in self service just truncate, no line wrapping or even displaying the full value in a detail view once selected
- Poor system integration. Some of these tools require admin authentication on everryyyyyy single launch.

I think it's safe to say that Jamf pricing can be classified as premium. None of the admin apps feel premium. They feel like terrible Java ports from some open source project volunteers work on in their free time.


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Also wish they would add native SSO support to these apps.

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it would be nice if they refreshed or recreated these apps or a single Jamf Pro app that had better package management and deployment (ie; autopkg, packages, munki, etc), and incorporated their other tools github tools such as PPPC or something similar that could help us who arent familiar with all the TCC or PPPC stuff that apple is throwing out (perhaps something that says you are running/deploying this app, consider adding this to TCC or a PPPC profile) 🤷

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  • Jamf Remote. So bad there are no support, update, and app is not working by 2nd reported IP address (VPN). Very needed in current global WFH situation, but useless

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I live and die by Jamf Pro suite (Jamf Admin, Composer, Remote...)—or, well, I used to.
- Jamf Admin has things in one place, so using the web portal doesn't work the same way (soooo many clicking and page refreshes).
- Jamf Composer is simple and while it may have some difficulties, I don't have time to learn package management 10 other ways in 11 other tools to find the one that works (I'm a de facto SysAdmin with the responsibilities and pay of a Level 2 Help Desk, having to use Jamf to do it, and balance these responsibilities against 8x the number of Windows users...)
- Jamf Remote hasn't been useable (as @mhasman indicated, VPN) for the last year and a half. I know, I know, just use a policy. But I can't "just use a policy" to remote into someone's computer, or send them a 1-time command over SSH (we have this locked down, Jamf Remote has super privileges).

Yes, our policies may be overly-restrictive, our processes were hip and cool in the 90s, Apple has PPPC and user-approved MDM requirements and all that jazz.

We're Fintech with PCI limitations that change every year, we've heard it all. "Change the network!" "Change the firewall!" "Change !" "Lock down ___!" "Use multi-factor for EVERYTHING!"

Can you imagine how frustrating this is when you know the changes requests will get shot down? When someone who is higher up and controls entire departments has to review your request, and they have no idea what you do even after you've explained, drawn diagrams, given demos, etc.?

Having functional, professional, modern apps for the product that manages our Macs well and simply isn't that hard, is it?


My favorite is the dance of double-clicking and single-clicking getting dialogs and modals to appear properly in Admin when trying to view Info on an item or Delete an item. Makes monthly packages updates, an already tedious task, far more tedious.

I spend most of my time in Admin (and Composer, but Composer is probably the best app of the 4), and most of it seems like native AppKit, since the majority of the app automatically takes on the new appearance in Big Sur.

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It would also be nice if the Jamf Remote and Jamf Admin apps did not have nearly identical icons. A simple color change applied to one of these icons would be useful.

Jamf Remote needs a complete overhaul in my opinion.

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Of the four apps, Jamf Remote is the one that is in most need of an update, not being able to correctly use the computers current / second IP Address is a nightmare.

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Yeah, Jamf Remote is a dud unless you're on the same network.

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Anyone else find it impossible to use the Jamf Admin app on Big Sur at the moment? The app runs, but there is no visible window

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Agreed all around. At this point the only app from the suite that I will use is Composer, because it still works, and thankfully is standalone so it doesn't require any specific connectivity back to Jamf Pro or network resources. That's its saving grace.
Because, yeah, all the other apps are quickly becoming useless at this point. They are so out of date and some key functionality is broken in a few of them, as being outlined by everyone above me on this thread.
I've about given up wondering what's going on inside Jamf about those apps. I used to think they were going to replace them with built in web apps or sections in the Jamf Pro UI that would negate the need for the local apps. And that may still be the case, but version after version after version of Jamf Pro is released and we don't see any functionality from the local apps make their way into the web interface, so now I just don't know what to think.
Jamf either needs to update them or get on with replacing them with web accessible versions. This has been going on for too long now.

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I can't add much more than what's been said but I'm wanting to think that I've seen some error messages in the past that led me to believe that some or all of these applications are written in RealBasic. That seems like an odd choice, if true, but makes me wonder if they once had dreams of going cross-platform.

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My 2 cents.
I have been using Jamf Pro since the beginning.
Mad administration is still a challenge.
I would suggest opening support tickets on the apps and also CC'ing your sales person as well for answers.
The loud wheel noise will get dealt with eventually.
It appears most of the effort in R&D is towards iOS management.
Hopefully, someone in Jamf will reply here.
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I could go into a whole list of things at this point. At this point i'll just say this. Now that Jamf has gone public there is no longer any excuses for most of the things we complain about. It is high time for Jamf to invest a lot more money into the product and make it world class. All of the issues I see are how a competing product eventually gets the upper hand if you don't do anything.

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The main downfall started when someone decided Mac administration is better done using a web browser than the old, really good, native apps.