What are your testing scenarios

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We're going to start testing a new VPN solution at my company, and I've been asked to come up with some Mac specific test cases. What are some of the things you check off in testing, aside from ensuring connection to the JSS is working properly, Self Service is working, and any other items that are VPN dependent (in our case, Kerberos SSO).


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Off the top of my head...

• Network Fileshare Volumes (SMB or AFP -- whatever in use)

• Check if packages or policies are pushed properly

• SSO 

• Microsoft 365 apps

• External and Internal traffic

• Check if Apple resources are available and the ports you want are correct

• Check any 3rd party specific apps specific to your ORG

• Check AV and/or security agents

• Check other integrations specific to your ORG

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This can be a tough one that is very unique to your organization. Basically, anything that needs the network to function, needs to be tested. Honestly, each business unit needs an experienced user validating their functions and reporting any issues as well as all IT/Security groups need to be actively testing their tooling's.

Things I'd check, or ensure are checked.

  • Microsoft traffic (Entra, Microsoft 365 etc)
  • Jamf traffic
  • Apple (enterprise) traffic
  • IDP traffic (Entra, Okta, etc)
  • Security agents
  • Development tools
    • GitHub etc