Whats the policy priority of Jamf PRO?

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Hi Im working on Jamf cloud server enviroment.

We are distributing a S/W PKG through the Policy.

And sometime these packaging policies are have failed with PKG error.

these PKG are clean and already have been tested.

I coudn't find a specific reason.

But I think this problem comes from crash. sudo policy command from local client and policy trigger from policy are making problem.

Anyone has same problem with me?


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@P24601 If there are multiple policies in scope for a Mac scheduled to run on checkin they will run in alphabetical order by the policy name.

On the .pkg error, can you post the error message you're seeing in the policy log for one of those? And are all of the .pkg errors the same for different .pkgs?

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For certain policies that I want to run in a specific order after enrollment, I will name them using numbers at the beginning of the policy name. For example, I want the DEPNotify app to be installed before the policy that contains the enrollment script runs  so I name it something like "00 - DEPNotify Script" and then the next policy would be "01 - DEPNotify App". Both would have an on enrollment trigger. Alphabetical works too of course.