Workplace Join - Jamf/Intune

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How are you guys dealing with the workplace join keychain prompts all the time. If i choose Always Allow for a workplace join key, why does the same app prompt me. Why do all the apps prompt if I chose always allow?

In addition. How have you communicated to your users about this process? Do you have any documentation you can share? I can create my own however if someone's got something tried and true then it would be great to see.


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I'm seeing this too in my testing. Getting workplace join keychain prompts all the time even with selecting "always allow". I plan to open a ticket around this, but have you found a solution?

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Following as I’ve noticed this too


Adding my name to the hat. We just set up AAD integration (cloud connector) a few days ago, and I immediately became ware of the constant prompts. There is also an older (related) post on this subject: Link to post if anyone's interested. I was also planning on opening up a ticket.