Yes, I know Netbooting/Imaging is dead....

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That being said, is anyone aware of any tips or tricks for automation of Mojave? I am in charge of all hardware for a large corporation and Internet Recovery or Install disks take too long for the install of the OS.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚



What does your workload look like? Are these computers you need to upgrade? I've had pretty good luck between a Thunderbolt SSD and Internet Recovery, but it might help to hear a bit more about what you need to accomplish.

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I get about 30 computers a week that need to the OS reinstalled for setup in our corporation. It just needs to be the vanilla OS but needs to be fast since I have so many computers to turn around on top of my usual job duties (which are a ton).

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While our company nowhere as big as yours, are we are taking this T2 chip opportunity to enable and support our network team's investigate why Internet Recovery is so slow. If you want to support Apple computers your/our/everyone's network has to support Internet Recovery. We have to play by Apple rules


PS...After my enabling plan fails : ) best solution we could come up with, for slow networks... is a scripted "startosinstall"

We have macOS "server' (the old netboot servers) machines on the same switch as where the onsite staff image we are just going to copy a the full installer and the "startosinstall" script to each machine inside one folder. The onsite team will then copy that folder to the root of the machine they need to do a clean install on.... It's more clicks and more dragging but it's about the same time as OS netinstall.

Starting point for the "startosinstall" script

This is how I have done all my Mojave testing ....

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Thanks @gachowski. I'm the solo person in charge of the Mac hardware at Intel (contractor job though). As of right now I am just using my image of 10.12.6 to get by and telling everyone to update to Mojave if they want.

I'll check out that link. Thanks for the information.

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you're going to wanna hide the mojave installer on the computer. then, use the starttoinstall -eraseinstall flag on any computer that comes back to you in the future to quickly delete the current os and install a clean new oem mojave without any need to download the installer. also, make a dep prestage enrollment to pull everything down upon first boot

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