unable to login to Jamf Protect

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our internal auditor asked me to give her access to Jamf Protect. She already has acces to Jamf Pro, using the Jamf ID created for her. I set her rights to be able to use Jamf Protect there as well.

I setup the account for her on Jamf Protect, with the identifier Jamf ID, but somehow she is not able to login. Username and/or password is incorrect. Funny thing is that we tried resetting the psw, using the supplied link, but that mail never arrives. And yes, her mail-address is correct en its not stuck in a junk-filter.

Any thoughts?


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I would send her to JAMF support to assist with her JAMF ID. No sense in getting in the middle of that. This goes down the road of password sharing which I very strongly recommend against, but have you tried to log in for her? Or if its possible to have her try a different device/browser/keyboard.