Add teachers to class in Jamf School

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Is there any possibility to add teachers to classes in Jamf via a csv import? Adding multiple teachers to classes seems tedious.

Any held is appreciated.


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As far as I can tell, the only way to bulk edit/import user data with a csv is only in Users. There is a field called TeacherGroups, but I believe that's just for a User Group that has Jamf Teacher permissions...can' say for sure. Link for Jamf documentation.

At our school, teachers make their classes in Jamf Teacher. The classes are added Ad-Hoc to our Jamf School, which creates both Classes and User Groups. They also sync with Apple Classroom on their devices.


With the Jamf-school api you can assign students and teachers to a class. (and a lot more)

(And I learned it the hard way - the class and teacher endpoints are X-Server-Protocol-Version: 3 endpoints... so I always got an 404 error while accessing it without a specified Protocol-Version in the request header)

in this video there is some python example code (15:15)