App removal in Jamf School

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I have 12 iPads that I want to remove all the apps from.

I've created a new static device group in Jamf School which doesn't have any apps associated with it and have moved these 12 iPads into this new static group. I've also removed these devices from all previously assigned groups.

Is there a way in which I can uninstall all apps off each device via Jamf OR will the apps self uninstall now the devices no longer are assigned to groups that have apps in them?

I know I can uninstall each app individually, but I don't have time to do that. I'm hoping there is some way of selecting all apps and clicking on an 'uninstall apps' button.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for any help.


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I guess you are looking for the option: Automatically remove licenses from users out of scope

You can find the option at all appdetails  (advance option).


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Were the apps you want to remove installed via Jamf School?

If not, there is no Jamf School tool to remove user-installed apps on iPads (as far as I know). In the case you aren't trying to preserve user data, wiping the devices would be my go to.

If the apps were installed via Jamf School, you may be seeing a bug that has been known for months. Try going to one of the apps in Jamf School and select "Save". If the app uninstalls on the iPads in question, I would recommend submitting a ticket with Jamf Support.