apps displaying "waiting" in ipads set with jamf School

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We recently started to deploy apps based on location instead of sharing the apps from one single location. We have notice in several locations that when we go to a specific device under manage apps. Certain apps say "pending or installing" In the actual device the app in grayed out and it says "waiting". This does not happen to all the devices but enough to be notice. Is never the same app. We have already done the following: -make sure we have enough licences -gone under apps for that location in jamf and resync licences,retry installing on missing,delete deferred items.

We contacted support and after a few emails back and forth they tell us to check our network. The thing is that the moment I long press the app that says "waiting" and cancel download and reinstall the app from jamf school it downloads and installs the app. They suggest that that is the only way around this situation but you are talking about 200 devices with around 20 apps each with the same issue. Wondering if anyone has had a similar situation. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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This happened to us the beginning of the school year. Originally, we had many iPad apps set to Automatically install. When we had dozens of failures and apps stuck on "Waiting..." we decided to instead make them On-Demand and let students add them when we need them, as that seems to have less errors. We still have some here and there that we have to fix.

I don't have any advice on how to process that many pending app, mostly just saying you're not alone.

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I am in this same situation with a few hundred iPads and I'm looking for a way to avoid a manual one-by-one fix.

Brand new Gen 9 iPads, plenty of storage space, apps with the "waiting..." differ from iPad to iPad.

I've tried:

  • Updating iOS (to the latest at this time of posting 15.6.1)
  • Restarting iPads
  • Send blank pushes
  • Excluding them from some of our configuration profiles that set homescreens, blocks app store use, and prevents users from deleting apps.




We have the same issue on our end. Has anyone found a fix for this?

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My issue was related to our Lightspeed Filter software on these iPads. As soon as I removed it the apps came back plus some error dialog boxes for the apps. Thankfully Jamf was still able to communicate with the iPad through this process. Once cleared up and Lightspeed scoped back onto the iPad again it has been fine going forward