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Using Jamf School.

I'm wondering how i can automatically name devices added to static groups? For example, an iPad gets assigned to the Blue group, I'd like it to be assigned the name Blue iPad X.

I've had a look through creating a new profile, but I can't see where / how I can do it?

Thanks for any help.


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At the moment I cannot think of a way for it to occur automatically, but I do know of a way to name devices according to assigned groups. You can use variables to name devices, in this case the variable would be %DeviceGroups% and text can also be added after the variable. So it would look something like "%DeviceGroups% iPad X", then when applied would resolve the variable. The downsides are the variable lists all groups the device is in, and the variable is set once and will not change even if the device moves to a different group.

If the iPads are meant to stay in those static groups and you use Automated Device Enrollment, there is a possible solution. In Automated Device Enrollment, you can set the name as "%DeviceGroups% iPad X" and the group to "Blue" (or whichever static group). Theoretically it will be added to that group and named "Blue iPad X". I do not know if it will happen that way, as I have not tested this.

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Thanks Fluffy, I'll look into that.

Thanks for the help.