Extra columns on 'Device Update' screen.

New Contributor III

It would be nice if there were 3 extra columns added to the 'Device Update' screen, specifically the current charge % of the device, the storage space of the device (max storage and how much is left), as well as the last time it checked in.

Since there is no real point sending an update to a device that has 12% charge left, or 1GB storage left, because the 'status' column will just sit there with an empty status description and just a date / time until the device is dealt with.

I would also like for the '%' to be removed from the 'Status' column and moved into its own column, or at least better sorting on the 'Status' column.

I like to sort the 'device update' screen by 'Status', and it is rather annoying when the 'Downloading (%)' isn't sorted properly, I end up seeing 10% mixed in with 90%, mixed in with 1%, mixed in with 0%, means having to page through to find all the ones that are stuck on 0% for instance.