"App Updates" issues

New Contributor III

When I go to 'Apps -> App Updates', I have 3 apps showing there with nothing listed in the 'version' column, 2 of them are because they aren't in the app store anymore, but 1 of them is in the App Store, and when we go to "Apple School Manager" we can clearly see it in the app store.

If I view the app itself and click on 'Check for App Updates', it says we already have the latest version.

Another issue I have is that sometimes an app shows in the "App Updates" screen, and the devices column shows devices, but when I click on the "Show devices" button, it doesn't show any devices at all.

I can only assume that is because there is a device with a license for that app that isn't supposed to have it on there anymore.

Would be nice if the app updates screen could still show that device but also possibly show that it has a license issue or something.

I have learnt to click on the app to view it, then click on the total licenses number to view the licenses, and then click on 'resync licenses' which fixes the problem, but someone less cluey would just sit there hammering away on the 'update' button trying to get non-existent devices to update.