How to force Location Services "ON" on an iPad

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We are finding that when we run "Return to Service" on an iPad the location services is not turned on when it re-enrolls.  Because of this the date and the time is not set correctly.  Is there a way to force this to be ON, or a way to turn it on remotely?



Apple doesn't allow location service management

The best you can do is have your prestage ask the user to enable location during device setup.




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Yes my prestage has that, but when you use Return to Service to wipe and set up a device you do not get those prompts.  

Doesn't work, as mramola said, when you use 'Return to Service', it bypasses all of those screens.

The device will auto-wipe itself, it will auto-join the wifi network you have told it to join, it will auto re-enrol itself, and then it will go straight to the iPad homescreen.

The only way to get location services enabled again is to go and visit the iPad in question, go into settings and re-enable location services.


Ran into same issue using Return to Service. 

Were you able to resolve this issue?


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It is a bit of a bugbear of mine.


While I love the feature, and I realise it is likely out of Jamf Schools hands, everytime I use 'Return to Service', I then have to visit the device, go into the settings app, and enable location services.

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I've put in a Feature Request to ask for the ability to at least audit whether Location Services is turned on for a given app.