Issues with enrollment after a device has been wiped

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This seems like it should be easy but I'll be darned if I can find an answer.

We have site level technology coordinators at each of our schools. We've also set it up that site level coordinators only have access to assets at their site. Our issue is that any time a device changes hands and is erased, the site tech people can't have the new user enroll without one of the global admins first moving the device location back to the top level. Even if the new user is at the same site as the previous user. I'm assuming there's a setting someplace that I can't seem to locate but I'm hopeful someone here can give me a hand.


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How are you assigning devices to your sites?

We're using LDAP to move devices based on user.

What is your Prestage structure?
Are your prestage assigned to specific sites or just one large one?

We actually don't do any pre-staging. Our automated device enrollment profile is fairly stripped down since we're new to Jamf. We send MacOS devices to sites where the site tech people have end users log in to Jamf as part of the initial setup where it installs the profile, apps, moves the device, etc.