Jamf School - deploying printers by IP address Ricoh Savin

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We're a school running Ricoh Savin C3500 printers on Macbook Pro laptop (Ventura).

I want to deploy a full printer installment to our staff laptops. Currently, I can only deploy a printer driver. It's a pain that we have to match the laptop operating system to a specific Ricoh Savin driver. So everyone time Apple updates, we have to redeploy printers to all laptops.

Our vendor has set up our printers using ip addresses. Ex. in Ventura

Note we  using the Line Printer Daemon - LPD and choosing Select Software to browse to the Ventura driver for the printer. 

Does anyone know how to build this into a script or package to deploy to laptops via Jamf School?

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In Jamf School,  you don't script to deploy printers. You create a print management configuration. You can look at this Jamf School admin guide: https://learn.jamf.com/bundle/jamf-school-documentation/page/Printer_Management.html


If your end users don't need any advanced printing features the driver makes available, you could make them available as Airprint devices instead.  It works similar to Printer Management using a Configuration Profile, but uses the Airprint profile instead.  The annoying thing though is your end user still has to add the printer, so if your end users are not local admins you will have to change the default lpadmin permissions so a regular user can add a printer.  We do this for 95% of our printers and it works well.   I like not having to mess with the drivers.