Jamf School local account management

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Hello y'all. I was just recently hired by a small (less than 500 k-12) students to manage their new 1:1 technology program. They had purchased 255 MacBooks, 180 iPads, and 60 Apple TVs. They also purchased Jamf School "at the recommendation of Apple." We finished deploying devices to students and teachers today, and after the 7th phone call about a student forgetting their local account password, I realized that Jamf School was extremely limited in comparison to Jamf Pro with regards to MacBooks. So, my questions. 1: Is it possible to upgrade from jamf School to Jamf Pro without re-enrolling devices? 2: If not, is there a 3rd party software we can deploy on top of Jamf School that will allow us to manage user accounts? I'm the first IT staff to be hired, so I tried explaining the limitations to the superintendent, and they are open to discussions about upgrading should it be available. I'm just realizing how insecure and unmanageable our MacBooks are at this point.

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it still would technically involve reenrollment, but jamf has a tool on their GitHub called ReEnroller designed for migrating from one Jamf Pro to another (or Jamf School to Jamf Pro as it has a button if its migrating from Jamf School)

Maybe that helps: https://github.com/jamf/ReEnroller


This sounds very similar to a post from the other week.  https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-school/jamf-school-local-account-management/td-p/256393


I agree that local account management is needed in JAMF School.  However, I still fell JAMF School is sufficient for our K-12 environment.  We are able to use the scripting module to work around it.  


I'm wondering if Apple Remote Desktop might be able to help.  I'm going to try to test that out and will post back if time permits.