Jamf School vs Mosyle for managing staff macs

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How capable is the MacOS management in Jamf School? I know it's not as powerful as Jamf Pro but I don't need much outside the basics. Pushing apps and OS updates, easy setup, security requirements, and ideally remote access for troubleshooting.

How does that ability compare to MacOS management on Mosyle? I've read a couple posts from this sub from 2 years ago that said Jamf School was really lacking compared to Mosyle when it came to Mac management but they didn't say what the differences were. I also wonder if that's changed in the 2 years since.

Any other advice or recommendations that you have for someone just starting out in this field and looking to improve the device inventory, security, and help-desk at a smaller school like this.


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For the short answer, we are a K-12 school of ~1200 students, and are debating on switching to Mosyle or trying to make Jamf School work.

Update commands have been broken for us for a long time. I haven't tried in the past couple of months, kind of gave up and instead am turning to things made by others like erase-install.sh.


Pushing apps has been okay. Most of the issues we have in that area are impatient users that don't realize that apps take a while to install. Uninstalling apps is hit or miss, and can't be done too soon after installing.

There is an annoying bug that hasn't been squashed for months, where a device doesn't get issued apps and profiles to a device group you switch it to.


Remote access is basically a no. You can send a command to allow remote desktop, but I have only tested this on a local network with ARD (Apple Remote Desktop). It would have to be paired with another service.

Naturally, the bad things stick out more than the good things. I've had to do half of the management we want by utilizing scripts (which is an add-on, not a default) or locking devices down more. For a real comparison, it may be worth getting a demo.