Mac os deployment restricting system preferences

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I am deploying some mac minis using Jamf school,

I am trying to disable some system preferences but it is not working,

none of the system preferences get disabled, i have tried 

importing a mobile config file from 

Jamf pro and profile creator still not working 

the os version is 12.4

any ideas


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Yes - It would help if there was more info :) as all I have are questions:

Are the machines managed?
Are we talking Jamf Pro or Jamf School?  You seem to use the two terms as though they are one so I'm confused
Can the machines talk to the management server?  If it was Jamf Pro I'd run the following in terminal

 jamf checkjssconnection

Are the machines receiving the configuration profile that has the disabled system preferences in it?

Maybe you could put some screen shots of what you have done in the post - a picture tells a lot without words.  For example the Config Profile settings that you set up.

Did you add the machines to the scope of the Config Profile?